Who You’re Helping

The purchase of a Taste & See II cookbook benefits many people.  The funds raised will be donated to the Women of St. Elizabeth Group. Some of the funds will go to the Antiochian Women and their various charity efforts.  Others will go to help St. Elizabeth Orthodox Christian Church of Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

Founded in 2005, St. Elizabeth is the only Orthodox Church in Rutherford County, one of the largest and fastest-growing counties in the southeastern United States. By 2009, the mission had outgrown its rented space and needed its own building to continue to grow.

Picture of St. Elizabeth Mission's current building

The humble entrance of the rented space for St. Elizabeth Orthodox Church, 2005-2015.

This was our old kid-unfriendly play area.

Palm Sunday was a little tight in the old building.

In the Spring of 2011, St. Elizabeth Orthodox Church purchased 6.4 acres in western Rutherford County in the Murfreesboro area.  Sales of this cookbook helped our parish build a church building on this land.  Thank you!

Our parish home, 6.4 acres in western Rutherford County, before we started building.

Prayers being offered in the barn on our new property.

On the outside of our barn… in case the neighbors stop by for a visit.

Not enough room inside the hot barn either. Standing room only for our St. Elizabeth akathist.


During the week St. Elizabeth’s feast day (July 18) in 2015, we moved into our brand new building.

Outside photo with sign

This is phase one. It currently houses our temple, parish hall and educational facilities. Phase two will be a new temple and we will be able to convert the phase one building to just a parish hall and classrooms.


Murfreesboro, Tennessee is the county seat of Rutherford County, one of the fastest growing counties in the southeastern United States.


Downtown Murfreesboro, Tennessee


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