For the first time… a sale!

I’ve been responsible for marketing the Taste & See Cookbooks (both the original and the current sequel) since 1999.  This is the first time I’ve ever suggested we hold a sale.  Why not?  It’s the last few days before Lent and the last few days until many people abstain from the internet while they’re abstaining from meat and idol talk.  While we have the chance, let’s offer a sale!

Also, our little project is getting very close to breaking even.  It would be such a blessing to our parish to have the cookbook project raising money for our building fund instead of just a big printing bill in our parish’s budget.  

Please consider purchasing your cookbook now and getting a few for gifts (for your priest, your godparents or children’s godparents, your children, etc.).  Now would even be a great time to encourage your parish’s bookstore to order 3 or more copies for a discount.  Even the bulk orders will get $2 off per book through Monday, Feb. 27.  

Thank you for visiting our website. I pray you have a blessed Lent.  Please forgive me, a sinner.

Angela Hays

Cookbook Marketing Coordinator


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